Editor's Choice: For $4, you will receive detailed feedback on your work. This will take the form of 1-3 detailed paragraphs, depending on the genre of your submission, from the editor or assistant editor on your work. The editor will choose what to focus on in their feedback, which will not include line edits or proofreading but will generally focus on what might be working or not working in a piece, as well as suggestions for further development and revision. The feedback will be honest, engaged, and hopefully provide you with valuable insight into Sundog Lit's aesthetic and editorial process. 

Please note: This is not an expedited response option. This is also not meant to open a dialogue or discussion. Further questions directed to the editor or attempts to refute/argue with the editor's feedback will not be given a response, and it won't make us like you very much. Bear in mind that this feedback is a service you are paying for, and thus should not be conflated with a request for more work. If an editor wants to see more from you, that will be clearly stated in your submission response.

We’re looking for beautiful, fascinating, devastating cover art for our upcoming issues. Send your photos, illustrations, pencil drawings, wood carvings, etc. Submit up to 3 pieces at a time.

We want vivid, vibrant poetry. We like prose poems or straight poetry with prose elements. We like traditional poetry. Submit up to 3 poems in a single document.

We want muscular prose, authenticity, and a real beating heart. Play with form and show us the humorous absurd. Submit short stories of no more than 3,000 words or up to 3 flash fictions of less than 750 words each in a single document. 

We are cool with traditional personal essay, memoir, etc. We LOVE us some experimental, research-driven stuff. Segmented. Lyric. Essays written in a bowl of alphabet soup. Surprise us. Play with form and content. If you hybridize some poetry and nonfiction, send it our way. Submit a single piece of no more than  4,000 words or up to 3 flash essays of less than 1,000 words each in a single document.

Most writing that manages to live, breathe, and have a voice begins as something fragile. We want to know how you nurse delicate ideas into something muscular, with strength to love instead of hate, to open minds rather than allow them to seal themselves shut. Our blog is a forum for writers to come together and talk about craft as well as the meaning of art in a world where politics threaten to drown out the quiet voices of poets, fiction writers, and essayists, which have never mattered more. Send us something between 200 and 1,000 words about what keeps you writing, be it today's political climate, a tortured childhood, or a threadbare pair of underwear. Whatever it is, your truth matters.